T.J. Buckley’s is open for dinner Thursday through Sunday year-round, and seasonally on Wednesdays. Please call 802.257.4922 for reservations.

Located in a restored 1925 Worcester Dining Car, T.J. Buckley’s serves local, organic, seasonal food cooked to perfection by Chef-Owner Michael Fuller (see him in action here, on “The Big Cheese”). Boston’s Chronicle television show (watch here) calls Fuller’s cooking “brimming with tempting delights!” and lauds his foraging skills, highlighting his diverse selection of local mushrooms. The open kitchen and vintage decor might evoke the quintessential experience of dining in a quaint Vermont town, but the meals served at this establishment combine classic French training, the finest ingredients, and the Chef’s own original and always-evolving take on New American cuisine. The menu changes daily depending on whatever is in season and local. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options are always available as appetizers and entrees. A delicious, “beautifully composed” salad precedes every scrumptious meal.

Brattleboro, Vermont is a unique and beautiful place to live or visit — and the Huffington PostFodor’s  and other respected sources dependably direct readers to T.J. Buckley’s as one of the high points of the area.

Chef Michael Fuller and the restaurant were featured in a recent episode of Filthy Riches, a National Geographic series that focuses on foraged and wild foods, and the adventurous chefs who integrate them into their cuisine.

Come see for yourself why Yelp.com and other diner-driven sites (such as Trip Advisor, Google and Urban Spoon) consistently rate T.J.’s at or near five out of five stars, and why Fodor’s calls the restaurant one of the two reasons why Brattleboro is “one of the top 10 best small towns in America.” Frommer’s calls T.J. Buckley’s “the best restaurant in Brattleboro,” while other prestigious sources have said  “nothing beats T.J. Buckley’s” (Country Living) and called it, in a rapturous and extensive review, “one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a really long time” (Edible/Usable).

A local treasure for 30 years, people also come from all over to eat at this extraordinary spot. New York calls Chef Michael Fuller “a pioneer in seasonal cooking” with “ingredient-driven dishes.” Time Out New York notes T.J.’s unique location in an “ancient diner” and touts its “ever-changing,” menu and “focus on foods sourced within a 15-mile radius.”  Yankee Magazine — in its “Best of New England” issue — celebrates Fuller’s “artistry” and calls the restaurant “memorable…a nightly stage for intimacy.” Country Living celebrates the restaurant’s “exceptional locavore meals served out of an open kitchen.”

Vermont Arts and Living just swooned over T.J.’s “intimate” atmosphere and “amazing” food here. And see below a recent article in AAA’s Northern New England Journey:



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  1. When is best time to call for Thursday 2/15 reservation? Please call 802-257-4922 there is room available for 2/15. Thank you for inquiring

  2. Why is it you don’t put your prices on your website like other fine places do?
    Hi entrees are $45 which includes a beautiful salad. Appetizers, desserts, beer, wine, coffee and tea are extra

  3. Erin and I will be in Brattleboro this weekend and we are looking for a table this Saturday the 26th. Do you have any availability? We need another phenomenal meal here.

  4. Hi, Is it too early to make a reservation for Sunday, Aug. 4th? We’ll be at Marlboro Music Festival that weekend and would like once again to have a meal at your restaurant.. (There are four, possibly five, of us. Ann Scott

  5. OK. I’ll call later. I realize that we are actually going to be 6 people. I’m wondering if you can handle that many in your small place. Ann

    • Hi Ann, I’m at the restaurant and saw that I’m closed 8/4-8/9 for vacation. I’m sorry I didn’t remember the dates when you first inquired. I have room early 8/3 if that’s any consolation, but that time slot will go fast. Sorry about that

  6. Oh no!!! Alas and alack!! We have a concert at Marlboro Saturday night at 8:00pm and I don’t think we would have enough time. Do you? As I recall, dinners are quite leisurely, as they should be.

  7. Hello, we so enjoyed our dinner a couple of years back during our daughter’s graduation, and are now returning to Brattleboro again. Might you have availability for 2 on Sunday evening, June 2nd?

    • Hi Kristen thank you for your kind words. I do have room 6/2 for two. I’m not at the restaurant right now, but please call
      802-257-4922 and I’ll happily set up your reservation. Please leave a voicemail if I’m not there

  8. Hi there. We will be visiting from California as a family and are wondering if we can get reservations on Friday July 5th for 4 of us? thank you!

  9. Hello! I’d like to make a reservation for three on Saturday evening July 20th. I’ve called, but couldn’t get through (bad reception for my cell phone.) . If you have availability, what would be a good time to call? Thank you, Aina Bernier

  10. by any chance ,on Dec 7,could you accommodate 12-14 people ?I love your restaurant ,and will be up in Vermont with people that work for me as a thank you dinner.we all have to leave by sunday afternoon. just trying to plan ahead.thank you.April Amodeo

    • This week we’ll have hanger steak with short rib and herbed gnocchi, locally raised rabbit with jamon Serrano and heirloom white beans, scallops with pork belly and local braised greens and polenta and maybe halibut with a local rice fried with pickled daikon and fresh truffle

  11. Just want to make sure you got my message. Friday party of 4 …1 individual is vegan…honey is okay…no soy. The other 3 are open to everything. Thank you

  12. Hello,

    Are you open for dine-in? If so, do you have any availability for a reservation for 2 on Sunday, February 14th at 7:30 PM?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kate yes offering take out and safe indoor dining. I’ll post menu later today or tomorrow on the Tjbuckley’s fb page. Call 802-257-4922 between 2-4:30 to place order with pick up@6:00

    • Reservations are required due to limited seating capacity. 802-257-4922 please leave a voicemail and I will get back with you. We offer a verbal menu of 4 entrees: hanger steak, locally raised rabbit, scallops and, last week, it was striped bass. We offer an array of appetizers and desserts, beer and wine.

  13. Might you have an opening this week – Wednesday through Friday (June 30th – 1st) for 2 adults, 1 child? It’s my wife’s birthday and a friend just told us about your amazing restaurant, and that it was one of the most delicious meals they had ever had!

  14. I’m thinking of coming down on the train from Burlington for a couple of days .I want to make sure you will be open . No Wednesday’s in September or October?

  15. We would like to purchase a gift certificate for our children, Noah Hoskins and Helen O’Donnell. Can we do this on line? or at all? Thanks Julie Forsythe and Tom Hoskins.

    • Hi Julie, sure you can just not online. You can call 802-257-4922 after 1pm Thursday through Sunday with cc info and I can mail it or the good old fashion way, stop by with cash or check and we’ll write it up. Thanks for inquiring

  16. I loved having dinner there after so many years – the atmosphere remains as charming as ever and the whole experience of being able to watch you do your magic in your tiny kitchen continues to enchant me. The food was wonderful and the service gracious. But I think V was disappointed that the prices were not as advertised in comments from you on your web site – $45, which “includes a gorgeous salad and entree.” In fact, the price of the entree is now $50 and no salad is included. It would be helpful if you could update the price in some more visible way. I cannot say if that accounts for the lower tip to the server, since I was not the one paying the bill, but I will send you a check to make up for the discrepancy and to demonstrate that I remain a devoted fan of your establishment. Carol A.

    • Thank you for your kind words Carol. I can’t control past comments. Prices are indicated on the menu. V left $20 on $277 bill and so I thought something must’ve been wrong, though everyone seemed to be enjoying the night out. Thanks again

    • Thank you for the check Carol. The check and card in the envelope arrived torn in half, a little disconcerting. The PO put it in a larger envelope for delivery. It was as if someone was looking for cash or something. Anyway we received it and thanks again

  17. Hi: My husband and I will be in town on Friday night, the 3rd of December. Some friends of ours are insistent that we dine at your establishment. Is there a menu you could send me and if so, do you have a table available Friday evening around 6:00pm?
    Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

    Sandie Lincoln

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